Saving Money


Staff Writer



  • Stop Buying Stupid Things You Don’t Need: I’m just going to throw this out there – you have never and will never need to buy half of the stuff they sell in Target. Don’t empty your wallet for cupcake scented lipgloss.
  • Stop Eating Out: If you simply decide to make your own meals a couple more times a week, I guarantee you will find yourself with a full wallet, and a lesser feeling of shame.
  • Don’t Go to College: You will save approximately $100,000. There you go.         (let it be known that I will be attending college this coming fall, therefore I am a hypocrite).
  • Don’t Buy Anything: Chances are, most of the things you buy are a total and complete waste of money. Try not doing that. Move to the woods. Be a hunter and gatherer. Follow the steps of your ancestors.
  • Refer Back to Number Four
  • Once Again, Refer Back to Number Four: The best way to save your money will always be by simply not spending it. Essentially this is preaching abstinence in reference to your money and saving abilities. The best way to make sure you are consistent in not spending your money will be to not spend it at all.



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