No Limits Dance Show


Staff Writer


The dance show took place at the LJ Williams Theatre on April 23rd and 24th. The show sold out Thursday night and filled the theatre Friday as well.

The show started with a music video made by El D’s In Motion dance team. The night was filled with amazing solos, duets, and small group numbers in between the different dance classes performances.

Two seniors, Breona Terry and Meghan Hochhalter, both performed lyrical solos in their final performances in an El Diamante dance show.

The In Motion dance team featured many dances throughout the night, including one featuring Mrs. Ford herself. In their Lion King themed dance, both Mrs. Ford and Maverick Rauen joined the dance team for their performance.

The Ballet Folklorico and the Intermediate Dance groups both performed two dances throughout the evening; the Beginning Dance group, one.

But, what the crowd seemed to love most of the whole evening was the finale. All the dance groups came together and performed a single dance to the song Uptown Funk together, bowed, and even freestyled at the end. Friday night ended with awards and presents to the four year dance members. Meghan Hochhalter and Madisyn Trimble received separate awards for being on the In Motion dance team all four years.

Each dance group, soloist, and small group member was truly spectacular and left the crowd cheering and excited for next year’s show.


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