New Taco Bell Sauce


Staff Writer


This does not come off as a huge deal, but for someone whose diet consists of only spicy foods, it is. For the specific reason that the new “Diablo” sauce contains jalapenos, sriracha sauce, and ghost peppers. As time goes on and tension builds up for the big release, expectations are getting high. If people are not crying when they are consuming this, they made it wrong.


What makes this sauce extra special is the fact that it is only a limited edition. When this becomes available on May 5th, yes, Cinco de Mayo, who knows how fast this is going to sell. There is a hint of intimidation partly caused by the appearance of the packaging. It is black. The variety of the taco sauce comes in yellow, orange, and red on a scale from mild to fire. But this packet is just black with flames on it. My natural instinct is to be on full alert when I see something in this design. Taco Bell is known for the fun little catch phrases on each sauce packet such as, “Will you marry me?” Although on the diablo packets it is more something like, “you’ve been warned” and “You asked for it.” If this is not life threatening, I do not know what is.


As a spicy food lover, if it does not make me want to decapitate my tongue from the rest of my body then it is not spicy. The person who is writing this loves to get the fiery tacos and a few hundred fire sauce packets on the side as a typical Taco Bell order. There is still confusion on if all Taco Bell restaurant chains are participating, and if the ones located in Visalia are not, there might be some anger. All I have to do is rely on Taco Bell and their claims of the heat level. The company is certainly putting a big emphasis by stating, “The Diablo is hotter than the chain’s newly introduced sriracha sauce.” That is certainly a big title to live up to.


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