Miner Baseball 4/29


Staff Writer


On Wednesday our Miners went head to head with their cross town rivals, the Redwood Rangers, to earn the potential title of West Yosemite League champions. With the scoring win being 5-3  the Miners take the lead to becoming league championships and are a game ahead of the Rangers. Our baseball players only have three remaining league games left against teams with a combined record of 10-17. With our strong record of 7-2 we have hope that our team will continue to have success this season.


Mason Garispe made his league debut against Redwood and fired for 5 ⅓ innings. He impressed the crowd with his ability and raw talent that kept the Rangers in their dugout with five scoreless innings. Garispe struck out seven which lifted the Miners to their 5-3 home victory. Garispe gave all the credit to his teammates, “I was excited that the coaches gave me this opportunity. I knew I had a great defense behind me, and all I had to do was trust them and throw my game.”


The Miners continued to show off their expertise with Austin Ayers hitting a sacrifice fly to left field that gave Eean Mexicano the chance to gain a advantage, and Nathan Cavagnaro stepped unto the mound to pitch the last two innings that kept the Miners safe in their lead. Our top hitters for this suspensival game were Austin Ayers and Isaiah Espinoza.


Coach Ramos seemed very please and proud of his players, “We’re right where we want to be. talked about it at the beginning of the year, we want to be in the top of the WYL in some shape or form and playing well going into the playoffs. That’s a big thing for us.”


After the player’s excitement died down, Adam Chavez shared his view on the game, “We all played great and we had a lot to prove. We stood up to the challenge and succeeded, we’ll continue to stay together and play strong!”


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