Lazy FREAKING Americans!


Staff Writer

Lazy FREAKING Americans!! Shelby Jehle

How much lazier can we as Americans get? It is one thing to have drive thrus and our cars and phones, but it is quite another when we abuse those objects and feel like they are still not good enough! With all the technology we have today you would think we would be happy with what we have and just enjoy our already lazy lifestyle, but that is not the case.


In our day in age we can get on our phones, click an app, and order our food in under 5 minutes. We can not only order and demand what we want without even having to talk to someone, but we can use the app to have fast food delivered. FAST FOOD! I mean come on America, the whole point of fast food is that you can get in line at the drive thru or go inside and get food in a matter of minutes, but now we are at the point of laziness that we can not even do that! It has become so sad that even the things we have put into society to make our lives easy are still too much work for us. No wonder other countries look at us with disgust. No wonder we have shows like My 600 lbs. Life. The fact that we have enough people that are that unhealthy and big that we can make a show out of it, is just mind blowing. It is so sad that we are at the point in our lives that getting in a car and sitting in a drive thru is too much effort, so we make someone else take care of it for us.


Our society enables us. We are given these options and that is just ridiculous! As the world began people had to fight for their food, they had to fight for technology, and now we abuse it and we have to have technology grow in order to keep up with the laziness that is America! I do think all that we have is amazing, I do think some of the medical technology we have is astounding, but when those amazing pieces are used for evil instead of good, that is when it gets bad. We are at a place where our iPhones have an app for health on them that you are not able to delete. When health is being forced and apps are becoming our way of living and getting things handed to us, I think that is when it is time to cut back and change.


We have jackets and blankets that heat for us. We have cars that can back out and parallel park for us. It used to be you knew how to do it yourself, I can honestly say that in the almost two years that I have been driving, I have not learned how to parallel park and not once have I had to parallel park anyway. You do not need to learn that kind of thing anymore because the technology we have now allows us to do it, excuse me, allows our cars to do it for us! We can now “Live Mas” from our houses without even having to get dressed and pick up your tacos from the drive thru where you already sit and do not have to get out of your car.


I am just simply amazed at how lazy we are. It used to be pizza delivered, Oh My God, pizza delivered! Now it is like Oh well what do you want, I can order from anywhere and have it delivered, and sometimes you do not even need to get out of bed. One person was so sick they got food delivered to their room bedside (possibly dangerous), but still has happened in a moment of need. I feel that we should have the decency to get our large butts off the couch and get our own food, at least from the freaking drive thru!! It really is not that hard to not be this lazy, probably not,  yet somehow our country manages to be the best at that, GO AMERICA!


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