La Joya Drama Show


Staff Writer


From April 16th to the 17th La Joya’s Drama program put on a show at El Diamante Theater. The class is led by Mrs. Patton at La Joya. The play was called The Search for a Polar Bear. From what I gathered from watching it, a brother and sister are searching a post-apocalyptic world for polar bear’s.

To start off the show was alright at best. The best part of it was probably the set design, it was very well done with all the different pieces they had and it was the only way of telling that it was post-apocalyptic. Throughout the play there were several awkward pauses and moments where it seemed like the actors didn’t know their lines. It was really distracting when they changed scene midway through a conversation. It was also really hard to follow the story, and understand what was happening. I can say that some of the costumes were very good, and others really slacked. Some of the actors that did smaller parts should have had bigger parts because of how well they did in their smaller parts. I felt like the lead roles were not very good.

I would suggest that they would do a play everyone knows so people can follow the story and practice more so there would not be any awkward pauses. But overall for the level of acting they did an alright job for playing in front of a large audience.


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