From the Places Beyond


Staff Writer


Jump off your bed of thoughts

Out of your room of despair

Through the city where battles were fought

Past the people that don’t care


Through the rolling hills of impatience

Past the fields where cows eat

Call to them for your own acquaintance

And then give a sigh of relief


Through the dungeon where souls weep

Past the cyclops that guards his cave

Over the mountains where dragons sleep

Ask directions from the hero who is so brave


Swim through the river of blood

Slay the demon inside your heart

Bury the blade deep in the mud

Finding yourself tastes like a sweet tart


Through the forest where the animals play

Past the castle where ghosts roam

Arrive to the house made out of clay

And talk to the minotaur with a funny moan


Through the valley of dancing friends

Cross the bridge with pride and honor

Gaze to the sea and make amends

And be afraid no longer.

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