5 Cups of Disappointment: El Diamante’s Spring One Acts


Staff Writer

Spring 1 Acts

If you are wondering about the black posters with the red coffee cups posted around campus, they are to promote El Diamante’s Spring Comedy One Acts. Do not let the unusual title of the show fool you, the nights of May 1st and 2nd will be those of endless laughs. These comedic short skits are being performed by teacher and director Robert Young’s Drama 3 class, a talented group of youngins ready and eager to put on a great performance for all spectators to enjoy.

The play is a completion of three comedy one act skits and several short secondary skits. Besides being a lot of senior’s last high school performance, this particular show is special because it is also Mr. Young’s last show for a while, as he is retiring from Drama, after two years. Even teaching for such a brief period of time, Young has touched the lives of several students, making Drama a fun, learning experience, with memories to last a long time after they graduate high school. The closing night will be not only exciting, but also bittersweet, as several actors and director conclude their final performance.

The show is conveniently being held in our very own theatre, right here on campus. Tickets are only six dollars per students, beginning at seven P.M. when the doors open. Shows start at seven thirty Friday and Saturday, with a two P.M. matinee on Saturday as well. If you choose to attend, you will not only you support El Diamante’s Drama Department, but also enjoy a great night of laughing so hard you cry. So bring your friends, siblings, grandparents, mailman or babysitter, because it’s going to be hilarious.


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