Track away @ Whitney


Staff Writer

This Wednesday the Miners faced Whitney and Hanford West for yet another practice meet at Whitney’s track. Nick Souza got first in discus. JC Robles took second in the 200. Whitney looked strong in distance running only against Hanford. Our distance team did not join because they are resting for the meet at Porterville. Hanford didn’t come out with their “A game” during this practice meet so it was really up to El D and Whitney, head-to-head, jump-to-jump, throw-to-throw, and limb-to-limb.


Keylan Liles got 3rd in the triple jump event, injuring his back,not being able to run for the remainder of his events. For the girls, Stephanie Aguilar got a personal best performance with a throw of 31 feet for shot put. Cheyllin Castillo got first in the 100 relay with Aubry Woltring. Darius Liles got first in shot put with a throw of 45.8 beating the number one thrower of WYL from Mt. Whitney for the second time. “Practice makes perfect”, says Darius. Go out and support our Miners for the Porterville track meet!


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