Jameis Winston


Staff Writer


On December 7th of 2012, Erica Kinsman was allegedly raped by Jameis Winston. Both have very different stories about what actually went down on the night of December 7.


Erica recalls meeting Jameis Winston at the Tallahassee nightclub after he pretended to be her boyfriend to scare off another guy because he had been following her all throughout the night. Although he did a good deed there, she claims to have taken a shot that was “tainted”.  At this point she still did not realize Winston was the star freshman quarterback on FSU’s football team. She remembers ending up in a cab with Jameis and two other men. She describes her actions unlike her. After getting to his apartment she claims that Jameis took her to his room that had no lock and continued to undress her. She says one of the other men came in and realized she was saying no and he argued for Jameis to stop. She recalls him taking her to the the bathroom where there was a lock on the door and after he was done he dropped her off at an intersection. When she got out of the car she said she went straight to the hospital where she had a rape kit done.


After nearly a year, the state’s attorney declined to press charges on the rape allegation. “We’ve carefully examined all the evidence in this case and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone in this case,” says the state’s attorney.


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