Holocaust Remembrance


Staff Writer




Over 10 million innocent people were killed during the Holocaust from 1933 to 1945. Their deaths will forever be remembered and the video above perfectly demonstrates that even today it is still heartbreaking to hear about these deaths and that their deaths deserve complete utmost respect.

The video presented drivers stopping and getting out of their cars to respect the siren in remembrance to all the lives lost in the Holocaust. The siren lasted for about two to three minutes in Israel. Therefore, in those minutes, Israel was filled with complete silence. Many viewers interpreted the the video to be incredibly astonishing and breathtaking by the amount of people that stopped. Yes, the video does show some drivers in the background continuing to drive. However, that did not stop this video from being viewed as shocking.

This event can even be compared to the pledge of allegiance. At school, if you are outside walking to class and the pledge of allegiance starts you will notice that people on campus will stop and salute. Yes, there will probably be one or two people who will continue to walk. However, that does not excuse the fact that these two events are extremely comparable. Groups of people stopping to share their respect to lives lost.

The Holocaust will continue to be remembered everyday, not just once a year.
Although, many viewers agreed it was a breathtaking view to see such a large amount of people stop to hear the siren.


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