Drake and Madonna


Staff Writer


The video of Drake and Madonna has been getting around fast. Up to this point, the video currently has more than a million views. Although if someone has not seen it yet, this writer will be glad to fill you in. First off, this happened on Sunday, April 12, at the famous Coachella Festival. Madonna was performing onstage and Drake was sitting on a chair, Madonna seems to be finishing her song and then definitely brings her performance to a stop. This then proceeds to her lifting Drake’s chin up from behind and giving a make out session. Not only was the audience quite stunned but Drake showed just how surprised he was after she backed away. Drake then wiped his mouth and put his head in his hands. Now, this article is going to be as unbiased as possible. Therefore I am going to provide both views of what happened.

First off, there are those who say that Drake was completely disgusted and what Madonna did is uncalled for. To use for contributing evidence is when Drake got kissed his body language seemed as if he was trying to push her away. This detail was then enforced when Madonna took his hand and put it back down almost aggressively. A short while after she let go and Drake had a look that could be perceived as repulsed. The way he wiped his mouth also came off was a backfire to the kiss. A number of viewers said that Madonna forced herself onto him in a way that is not acceptable, and because of a society’s expectations of men, Drake had to just shrug it off afterwards. Drake’s tweet still can be justified to the audience, “Don’t misinterpret my shock!! I got to make out with the queen Madonna and I feel 100 about that forever. Thank you @madonna”

Others found that Drake completely enjoyed it. This could be found in the fact that when Madonna kissed Drake he put his hand upwards toward her head, this can be viewed as a sign of affection. The only thing that can counteract this claim is when she took his hand and put it back where it was. To the viewers once again, they completely thought the body language was a display of pleasure. In addition, Drake’s  tweet from above said that he was lucky to be kissed by the Queen Madonna.

Each viewer is entitled to their opinion and what they think the video is displayed as: distasteful or appropriate?

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