Why Grad Night Should be a NO GO!

Why Grad Night Should be a NO GO! Shelby Jehleby SHELBY JEHLE

Staff Writer


I know that it seems a little harsh and last minute considering that grad night is just around the corner for all the seniors, but I just have to say… Grad Night is dumb! I know that the park is attempting to create a fun night for all the seniors that they will never forget, but from what I have seen, I do not want to attend and will not be attending this completely rule infested night.

I completely understand having rules but from what I have read of the dress code and what you are allowed to bring, I just think this night is way too strict. First rule that really bothers me is the “dress to impress rule” on the paper, given it states you must look nice for this all night event where nobody will even be seeing you. Instead of allowing comfy jeans or sweats at this roller coaster park, the park wants dresses and skirts that can fly up while you ride rides. You are only allowed to wear jean type clothing if you wear capris for girls and a nice top, and guys are forced to wear khaki style pants and button down shirts. If this was a graduation or special event  then maybe I would understand the fancy clothes and shoes, but it is not, this is riding on a bus and roller coasters for hours on end! I would expect a well known theme park to enforce comfort and respectable jeans and t-shirts that are safer and more comfortable, over dresses and stiff pants that tend to make people feel uncomfortable and self- conscious.

Some of the other rules that really get me going fall under the “play it safe column”. This park is only allowing tiny baby bags for girls to carry their things as well as not allowing cases on your phone. What if you are walking through the park or waiting in a line holding your phone and all of a sudden someone bumps you and your phone drops to the ground, and because it is not in its Otterbox, it cracks a million times and no longer works. Who pays for that? Again, I completely understand some of the rules on here and get why they are enforcing them, but a few select rules on this page are just ridiculous. I know the park as well as our school wants to impress and look nice, but you do not have to force certain clothing on kids in order to do so!

All in all, I guess Grad Night is not stupid, it is just not very well thought out. The event itself is cool if you like roller coasters, but this park is just way too inconsiderate, especially since these rules are not enforced on a daily bases at the park. Honestly, they check all bags and items before park entry anyway so might as well subtract some of these rules about bags and phone cases and just check those things upon entry. This will ensure safety as well as helping students avoid having to measure their bags for maximum smallness.

Let me just say that if you are considering attending Grad Night, just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, because you will most likely be pretty uncomfortable and self- conscious in your dress. The only saving grace is if  you are willing to go spend money at the Six Flags shops (because that form of clothing is acceptable), and unless you are cool with the risk of dropping your phone and not having enough room in your tiny bag to store it safely. The last thing I would like to say is most of the rules are fine, but some of these are just going overboard, we as seniors and ADULTS, know what is acceptable to bring and what is not acceptable to bring. If you really need to be told not to bring weapons, drugs, and alcohol as well as glass and aerosol cans, then I am not so sure you should be allowed to go anyway! So to all you Grad Night goers, good luck and have fun in your dresses and khakis. I hope the night is everything you have been waiting these long four years for.

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