Women’s Hormones

Women'sHormone-Juliaby Julia Rodriguez

Staff Writer


Hormone therapy for women has been around for a while, but is still relatively new to everyone. It is highly controversial and is being tested to discover new risks and pros. First, heart disease is the number one killer of the average adult woman as of right now. It is an even larger killer of women than cancer. So doctors and researches have been working together, attempting to create a hormone therapy trial that will hopefully pro-long women’s lives and minimize the risk of heart disease.

Women are most at danger to heart disease after beginning menopause, so that is where these hormone trials would begin. However, after a large widespread trial of hormone therapy about ten years ago called Women’s Initiative, it was found the menopause hormone therapy raised the risk of heart disease. Many doctors were fearful that this trial scared many younger women from trying hormone therapy, because the women who participated in that trial were mostly a decade older than the average age of menopause starting. Therefore, that trial could not be technically one hundred percent accurate.

Since then there has been several different hormone trials; all varying in physical types, test subjects, time period, age, and accuracy. Time is the only way to determine results from a hormone therapy that focuses on age, so no results can be held fully accountable. Does this mean women should rush out and try hormone trials when beginning menopause? Certainly not, because nothing is for sure yet. But- it also does not mean they should never try different things in order to increase their life expectancy, it just may be a wise decision to only dabble in known researches that have factual results.

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