Where are the shoes?

aleena beig where are the shoesby ALEENA BEIG

Staff Writer

A murder weapon is not the only thing missing as prosecutors try to convince jurors that former New England Patriot, Aaron Hernandez, orchestrated the execution of Odin Lloyd.

The shoes prosecutors say Hernandez was wearing at the industrial park where Lloyd was killed have also seemingly vanished into thin air. The shoes and footprints caused by the shoes are a big deal. A big deal, because connecting an athletic shoe impression found near Lloyd’s body to Hernandez could help prove he directly participated in Lloyd’s death.

The sneakers prosecutors believe Hernandez wore the night of Lloyd’s death were within the grasp of investigators who visited the ex-football star’s home, but it appears no one knew it at the time. Investigators photographed a pair of Nike Air Jordan XI Retro Low brand sneakers during one of their first searches of Hernandez’s home, according to court papers, but did not take them in as evidence.

When police began executing search warrants for weapons and clothing at Hernandez’s home on June 18 and June 22, 2013, they also were looking for shoes that could match that print in the dirt; somehow they all disappeared from Hernandez’s man cave.

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