Staff Writer

Jaqueline G.

This year the weather has been changing like crazy. My favorite season is winter because it is a time to dress warm and enjoy the nice cool air. Winter promises hot chocolate, a warm fire, big comfy sweaters, and nice warm blankets! At this moment in time we are currently in Spring, and so far the weather has been changing. It goes from hot to warm and sometimes there are fluffy clouds in the sky to give us shade.


Spring is nice, but also tricky in a way. In the morning it is freezing and we dress to be warm, and then late afternoon is very warm. Our warm clothes become a regret, it is a constant decision to either be cold in the morning or be hot in the afternoon. I on the other hand make the wrong choice every day. I dress warm in the morning and I burn later in the day. I debate every morning if it is worth being cold. It is nice that some days it is nice cool weather throughout the whole day.


Those are my favorite days, when you can either have a long sleeve or a shirt on and you still feel cooled off. It is also nice when there are clouds that can cover the sun every once in a while to let a nice breeze come through. It is also interesting how the weather can change the mood of people. If it gets too hot many get cranky, or if it is too cold many get sleepy. The weather has control over a lot if you think about it. It changes your outfit of the day and the mood you will be in. Sometimes though the weather does not know what kind of mood it is in either. It can change multiple times a day.  Weather is sometimes always great, I am mostly dreading summer. I am not ready for the heat that we will receive this year.


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