Warped Tour


Staff Writer

Warped Tour Tommy V.

Vans Warped Tour is one of the most fun experiences of my life. It is also one of the best things to do over the summer if you’re into music that is a little harder. Genres like alternative, pop, hardcore, metal, punk, rock, emo, indie, some acoustic bands, and even some hip-hop can be seen here. What I love most about Warped Tour is the fact that everyone is there to have fun. Everyone comes together with a common interest for one day, and that interest is a lot of great bands revolving around some of our favorite genres. It’s a place to just let loose and have some fun with large crowds of people who want to do the same thing. There are a lot of very popular bands on the tour that I’m sure some of you have heard of, but I encourage you to look into the lesser well-known bands because there are some really great bands out there that are trying to get their stuff out there and now is their chance. A major thing for this years Warped Tour 2015 lineup is that Riff Raff is going to be there this year. And although it seems odd that they’d have him play in a tour that is mostly for hardcore music, he actually does go really well with the lineup being that he is punk and hip hop. Personally I went last year and had tons of fun seeing bands that I’ve been listening to and following for a while. But seeing them in person is very surreal and really cool to experience. I also got to meet This Wild Life for the second time and they remembered me from a show I went to in Fresno when I met them there. It just really cool to see that the music you listen to is made by people just like you and me. I recommend going to Warped Tour this summer, plus the tickets are only $50 for an entire day of amazing music.


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