One year old dies after being locked in bathroom


Staff Writer


On Monday, March 23rd, a one-year-old baby boy died after being locked in a Manhattan bathroom at a restaurant. The baby’s mother, Latisha Fisher, had apparently walked into the 5 Boro Burger restaurant with her son and walked directly into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. After a while, some staff members went to check on her and there was no response and nobody opened the door. The staff at the restaurant used a key to enter the bathroom.

When they entered the bathroom, Latisha’s 20-month-old son, Gavriel Ortiz-Fisher, was unconscious and foaming at the mouth, sources say. A staff member attempted to give Gavriel CPR but his mother tried to block the workers from getting to her senseless toddler. Latisha had put her hand over Gavriel’s mouth to “put him to sleep”. She smothered her son to death inside the bathroom restaurant. Latisha said she “blamed the devil” for her son’s death. The police made statements about Latisha saying she was “a lunatic” and “soulless”.

All of Latisha’s family members were devastated and said that they saw no signs of any sort of tragedy like this happening anytime soon. Fisher’s neighbors also say they would describe her as slightly violent. They state that they occasionally would hear extremely loud music coming from her apartment, as well as the smell of weed. A number of years ago, Latisha had her older child taken away from her because she stabbed a family member. Her neighbor also made a comment saying that Latisha took medication for a sort of problem she had. Almost all people who knew Latisha and Gavriel burst into tears when they heard the news about Gavriel’s death.

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