Music Review: Diamond Dreams

MusicReview_Tommyby Tommy VanTichelt

Staff Writer


The band confirmed earlier this year that they would be releasing an EP full of acoustic songs from their album ‘Black Diamonds’. ‘Diamond Dreams’ reimagined their already great album. It even includes a song with ‘Neck Deep.’ The list of acoustic songs includes, “Hooligans”, “Disappear”, “King of Amarillo”, “Princeton Ave”, “Diamond Dreams”, “NLYF”, “Tears On The Runway”, and “The Worst of Them.” These aren’t just reimagined songs; it’s like taking something great and making it into something completely different, but with the same stuff you loved the first time. It puts a softer and more “real” kind of feeling.
Instead of the more hardcore sound, it let’s you hear more of the original feelings Issues puts into their music. They even add some lyrics into their songs to give the full effect. “My team is my fans and I got a purpose to serve them, with songs about having fun and getting real, but I also write about being real, so they feel like somebody’s listening and somebody cares,” is something they added to their song “King Amarillo.” The original reason for writing this EP was because their fans wanted them to. And so they did, and they did an amazing job and honestly this one of the most authentic sounding acoustic albums that really brought something new to the table that I’ve heard in a while.

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