Miner Baseball 4/22


Staff Writer

This Wednesday our Miners displayed their talents by defeating the Mt. Whitney Pioneers in a suspensive late inning win. The viewers were on the edge of their seats until the final pitch and the Miners ran out to the field jumping on Blake Hernandez and Carter Hoffman for the winning hit and run!

Julian Rubio pitched with velocity throughout the entire game allowing just four runs. He struck out six and left the Pioneers begging for another chance. Isaiah Espinoza began the Miner’s winning rally with a walk, Adam Chavez advanced him to second with a bunt, and Espinoza scored the tying run on a single by Matt Montelongo, who advanced to second on the throw home in the 7th. Blake Hernandez followed with a ground ball which shot out to the outfield due to an error, allowing pinch runner Carter Hoffman to score the winning run! The Miners didn’t let the umpire halt their excitement as they ran to congratulate and tackle the players who saved the game!

Once the players climbed out of the dog pile they created, Julian Rubio had a chance to say how he felt, “This game was the craziest I’ve ever experienced. We started off strong and connected then we fell flat in the middle innings. After falling behind the intensity returned and we knew what we had to do. We, as a team, have one goal and we’re going to achieve that goal. We proved ourselves that game.”

El Diamante is 6-1 in WYL, a half-game ahead of their rival, Redwood Rangers. Our Miners host the Rangers on April 29, come support our Miners!

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