Miner Baseball 4/15


Staff Writer


On Wednesday our Miners played against their rivals, the Golden West Trail Blazers and their winning streak continued with the final score being 5-2! The Blazers put up a fight, but ended up coming up short against our outstanding team. It seemed the Blazers wanted to prove their talent in the first inning when they easily scored twice versus their cross town rival. Once Nate Cavagnaro warmed up, he pitched an impressive 7 innings, not allowing any Blazers to touch a base. Our Miners increased the growing gap in scores when Isaiah Espinoza hit a double and Adam Chavez sacrifice bunted him to third. Next up was the pitcher, Nate Cavagnaro, who knocked him  home. By the third inning the Miners had caught up to the Blazers with a score of  2-3.


It was a dry game until they entered the 7th  inning where Nate Cavagnaro swiftly struck out three GW players. Then Isaiah Espinoza came up to the plate and hit a walk off 3 run homerun! The opposing crowd fell silent while the green sea exploded with excitement! It was another day of exposing the talent our Miners possess. Don’t miss out on another game this season! The Miners play next at home versus Visalia rival, Mt Whitney Pioneers.

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