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Luxury KaylaYasuda

Want to know why we are so in debt, well, other than the reason that we owe so much to China? It is because when Americans have such a large supply of money, they tend to spend it on materialistic and useless things. There is some sort of tradition when someone becomes officially rich that you have to spend it on something to show how much your income is. For instance like a car, a mansion, or a T-shirt entirely made out of gold.


Apparently there is a gold facial you could get for $300 in New York. In all of history, the amount of gold that has been mined would barely fill two Olympic swimming pools. And all of this supply of gold is being made into facial masks, toothbrushes, T-shirts, dog collars, motorcycles, and toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. To buy gold toilet paper you would have to have 1.3 million dollars lying around. 1.3 million dollars divided into chunks can be put forth into so many more useful things and maybe a small percentage for a cause. Does your dog really need to wear a decked out gold collar?


I understand the price someone pays for good food because I have definitely splurged to make my stomach happy, but maybe I do not fully understand paying $2,700 for gold leaf wrapped sushi. Personally, sushi is pretty expensive as it is and I find it pretty yummy without it being wrapped in a gold leaf. A 24-carat gold leaf wraps the leaf, and it is encrusted with 0.2 African diamonds and served with three Mikimoto pearls. If I paid for that I would be crying as I ate it because that is so much money wasted and literally digested. I hope those who pay for these things think about this, I hope they think “the money I just spent for this $3.4 million tie can go to pay for Kayla’s tuition for college”.


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