Hope Solo Returns to US Soccer


Staff Writer

US national team goalkeeper, Hope Solo, was reinstated to the team on Saturday, February 25, 2015 and was included by head coach Jill Ellis in the 25-player roster for the Algarve Cup tournament in March. Solo had been suspended for 30 days after being involved in a drunk driving incident with her husband, former Seattle Seahawks tight end, Jerramy Stevens. Solo was in Southern California for training camp with the national team and was with her husband when they got pulled over in a US Soccer van. Stevens was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and Solo was said to have been acting belligerently to the police officers. Solo, now looking back at the incident, says in her interview with Good Morning America, that it was a “horrible decision” and that she “just wasn’t in a good place, emotionally, to even make good decisions.”

This incident came just within about six months of Solo’s controversial domestic violence case, wherein Solo got involved in an altercation with her step-sister and 17-year old nephew at a family event in Washington State. Solo was charged with two counts of domestic violence as her sister and nephew claimed that she was the aggressor in the incident. The charges were later dropped, however, and Solo was not penalized by US Soccer despite her involvement in the controversial case. Still, in her first interview since the incident, Solo claims that she was the victim in the brawl, stating that her 280 pound, 6-foot-9 nephew “struck [her] over the head” causing her to be “concussed pretty severely.”

Despite the controversies within the last few months, however, Hope Solo, the rest of the national team, and the whole US Soccer organization are looking to move past these and focus on what is ahead. Team captain Christie Rampone is happy with the return of her teammate, who is arguably the best goalkeeper in women’s soccer saying, “We haven’t been playing our best soccer, so it’s time to get focused on Portugal, get the full team back together, have Hope back in there and just stay positive and move forward.” The US women’s national team will play for the Algarve Cup in Portugal next  month and will have to switch gears quickly and prepare for the 2015 Women’s World Cup, which will take place this summer in Brazil.

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