Destructive tornadoes strike Illinois


Staff Writer


On Thursday, April 9, the small town of Fairdale, Illinois was shaken up with a powerful tornado that has resulted in a number of missing residents and irreversible damage to homes and buildings. The tornado was one of the eight tornadoes that swept across the state on Thursday. The National Weather Service classified the tornado as an EF 4, the second most powerful category.

Winds reached up to two hundred miles per hour, destroying over thirty homes and forcing residents to evacuate the area for safety. The roads were cluttered with mass amounts of debris, and homes were virtually swept up from their foundations. Most of the damage was reported to have occurred between six and nine o’clock in the evening. The National Weather Service issued a warning approximately twenty-seven minutes before the tornado hit most areas, allowing residents time to proceed to safety. Many citizens were shocked by the ferocity of the storm, and most residents claimed to have never seen such a severe storm before in their lives.

On Friday, April 10, Governor Bruce Rauner declared two Illinois counties, Dekalbe and Ogle, to be state disaster areas. Rescue teams have been searching through disaster-stricken areas to find any missing residents, hoping there are no additional fatalities. There have been two reported fatalities and twenty-two reported injuries. The state began cleanup of the tornado’s destruction on Sunday, April 12.


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