College Students Sign Petition to Support ISIS


Staff Writer


Several college students at George Washington University, signed a petition to support the extremist group, ISIS. This  petition was directed to Barack Obama, stating that the United States should stop bombing ISIS and support this terrorist group to avoid going to war. It is reasonable and understandable for these students to be on guard for this situation, because no one really knows if the day after tomorrow we are going to be targeted specifically from this terrorist group. By these students signing this petition, they’re basically stating that the best way to avoid going to war is to side with the enemy, but really, they obviously do not know the risks that are being at stake. If we side with ISIS, it is basically suicide. From the point of view we know of, which is that everyone who resides in the U.S. is given religious freedom. From what we hear, the ISIS are killing innocent people because they do not believe in the same faith they believe in. So, how can we citizens of the U.S. reside with this group knowing that this country gives us the right to be in whatever religion we want to be in, because each and every one of us believes in something different and if the ISIS come to the U.S. and destroy our freedom, then what will these college students have to say about that? ISIS gives no tolerance to anything that goes against Islam and its teachings. According to our statistics on religion in America, Islam is no where to be found, which means if this terrorist group were to invade our country no one really would survive, so for these students to sign this petition, it is really demeaning to the rest of world knowing what the consequences would be if this occurred. So, next time you decide to protest against something, try to look at the pros and cons before you join in.


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