Celebrities with abnormalities


Staff Writer

Everybody always thinks that celebrities are born perfect. They do not remember they are all just real people and they have real problems and they all have their little quirks. Celebrities such as Ke$ha who was born with a vestigial tail. As a kid she had a quarter of an inch chopped off. She exclaims “I had a tail when I was born and they stole it!”

Kate Bosworth belongs to a small group of people with heterochromia iridium, which is a disease where you are born with two different eye colors. Actually a few celebrities have this such as Mila Kunis, Kiefer Sutherland, and Elizabeth Berkley. Some diseases are more attractive than others. Andy Garcia was born with a conjoined twin attached  to his shoulder. He did not have it removed until he was a toddler in which the doctors had to surgically remove the unborn fetus. As many people know, because he revealed it in his autobiography, Drew Carey was born with an extra toe on one of his feet. One of the more gross ones is Elizabeth Taylor who was born with a condition known as Distichiasis, which causes eyelashes to grow inside the eyelids. This can cause irritation, inflammation, scarring, and even ulcers. Ashton Kutcher reveals that he has webbed toes alike many other people. He says “ When everything else is this good looking, something’s got to be messed up!” Megan Fox and Sanaa Lathan were both born with clubbed thumbs. Even supermodel, Karolina Kurkova, has an abnormality such as she has no belly button. When she was born she suffered an umbilical hernia which required surgery and she was left with no traditional navel. Most people would never know this because in most of her pictures she has a belly button digitally put on. Whenever you think celebrities are perfect people just remember that they are just as abnormal as anybody else.

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