Addicted to Being “Social”

Hannah J Fb Myspace articleby HANNAH JOHNSTON

Staff Writer

When I was in fifth and  sixth grade, MySpace was all the rage. My older siblings had a MySpace and so did most other teenagers. MySpace was the beginning, for me at least, to the take over of our society by social media sites.

What ever did happen to MySpace.. Well, once we teenagers were introduced to something new and improved – Facebook – MySpace slowly lost it’s users and it’s market worth.

MySpace was sold to a music company and is now a site for users to listen to music and featured artists. Basically it is nothing that it used to be.

Once Facebook hit the web it became the new hit social media site. I was in about seventh grade, and every single one of my friends had a Facebook.

Facebook hit its peak. . . and now it’s slowly diminishing  like it’s old enemy, MySpace.

Facebook has been over run by parents and even grandparents, and the social media site’s main source of popularity, teens, have stopped using it.

Yesterday it was Instagram, then it was Twitter, and now Snapchat.

Our society feels the need to connect over these social media sites constantly. We have become addicted to not only the social media websites, but the devices that allow us to be on our favorite apps and websites 24/7.

These “social” sites aren’t really helping us be social. Rather they are preventing us from communicating.

Some may deny the addiction they have for their phones, or Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever the most popular social media site is. But just try to leave your phone at home for one day and see how challenging it is to function.

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