The benefits behind AP Exams


Staff Writer

The month of May is quickly approaAP Exams - Ruby Aching, which can mean many different things. To most students, it appears that the end of the school year and summer vacation are finally near. To students involved in AP classes, it means a two-week period of intense stress and frustration.

This year’s AP Exam season kicks off with the AP Environmental Science Exam on the morning of Monday, May 4, eight o’clock sharp. The fun continues Monday through Friday for two weeks, with the last AP Exam scheduled for Friday, May 15 at noon. While these exams may seem daunting, it is definitely worth it to take them.

AP classes not only prepare students for college by instilling critical thinking skills and proper study habits, but taking AP exams gives high school students the chance to earn college credit. Most colleges accept a number of AP credits to fulfill certain requirements for enrollees, though the number of credits accepted depends on the minimum required school determined by the college. The initial exam fee of ninety dollars per test may seem pricey at first, but passing the exams with a score of a three or better could mean thousands of dollars are saved on college courses.

AP Exams are considered an indicator of how successful individuals will be in college. Submitting passing exam scores and a high school transcript with a few AP classes will not only show colleges that students are actively challenging themselves, but proves that they are likely to do well upon entering college as actual college students.

The benefits of acing these exams far outweigh the negatives. By making a study schedule and properly reviewing course material before the testing dates, students’ stress is likely to be minimized. Be sure to study hard for the upcoming exams to see those score reports filled with fives in July!

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