Recent Terrorist Attack Attempts


Staff Writer

As the world still remains uncertain about the capability of ISIS, terrorist attacks and attempted terrorist attacks have started occurring in different parts of the globe. ISIS has taken over a large amount of land and controls a portion of the Middle East; they have been recruiting individuals to carry out attacks in hopes of achieving their goals of controlling much of the world.

One of the fears of the United States is the possible attacks on American soil as a result of ISIS. At the beginning of April, two women were accused of planning to build an explosive device in New York City. They are both  American citizens who are believed to have ties with ISIS. ISIS has been known to convince others that their a group of good and encourages these people to join them in their process. They convinced two teenaged girls to leave their home in Europe; they later impregnated them and are now holding them captive.

The powerful force has struck fear into the hearts of many countries as they fear for the safety of their government as well as their citizens. Most countries have been on high alert due to the terrorist activity and are taking appropriate measures to contain ISIS.

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