Van’s Warped Tour Kick Off Party


Staff Writer


On April 7th, Van’s Warped Tour launched their annual tour at Club Nokia in Los Angeles,CA. Van’s Warped Tour is a collection of upcoming and known artists that tour around the United States all summer long from April 7th to August 8th. Most artists are in the rock genre, but some other artists from other genres jump on to tour. The tour is made for people to see some of their favorite bands and discover new ones. Warped Tour started in 1994 by famous shoe manufacturer Vans to showcase alternative and punk rock bands, but has now involved more artists from other genres.

During the Kick Off Party As It Is, Bebe Rexha, Candy Hearts, ho99o9, Knuckle Puck, Metro Station, New Beats Fund, and New Years Day played at the venue, and will be on the tour. Not only was it a night of rock and partying, but the announced the last band that will be touring; Pierce the Veil will be joining many other on this all summer long tour.

Warped Tour has help launch the careers of many artist and propel them in “Mainstream” such as Katy Perry, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy. Because there are so many venues for the tour it gave chance for a lot of people to see new upcoming bands. Recently it help Echosmith fly straight into everyone’s radio with “Cool Kids”.

The next tour date is on June 17th in Anchorage, AK, and will continue its way to Auburn, WA for its last show on August 8th.


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