The Bunnyman


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In FairFax, Virginia, a group of local urban legend chasersers traveled from their home of New York, Manhattan to find The Bunnyman. The legend of The Bunnyman has been going around since the civil war. The legend begins in an insane asylum hidden deep in the thick forest of FairFax, Virginia. In 1904, some patients tried to make a daring escape from the asylum, most of them were known to dangerous and had to be tracked down by local authorities. The local authorities found most of the patients, however, two men were still missing, Marcus Lawster and Douglas Griffen. The local authorities found a trail covered with half eaten, mutilated bunnies, which they believed belonged to Marcus and Douglas. The bloody trail of rabbit guts and bones led the authorities to a  tunnel bridge that crossed over a creek, it seemed old and abandoned. But on the entrance of the bridge, they found Marcus hanging by his neck, as if someone put him there, and there were no traces of Douglas Griffen to be found. On Marcus’s foot there was a note, it read,

“You’ll never find me no matter how hard you try! Signed, The BunnyMan,”

That tunnel bridge was from then on known as, The Bunnyman Bridge. The legend also says if you were to walk through the bridge during night time, The Bunnyman will come and hang you from the entrance, the same fate as Marcus.

Nick, Gloria, Corbin, and Annie, arrived at the Bunnyman Bridge with their camera equipment ready, hopefully just catch a glimpse of The Bunnyman. The time is 9:30pm, the perfect time for The Bunnyman to come out and slaughter his victims.

“Okay, everyone ready?” Nick said turning off the car. They were parked right in front of the bridge which was covered in pitch black darkness, the wind whistled a lonely tune that the trees danced to.

“I’m ready Nick,” Corbin said with his camera and flashlight in hand.

“Me too Nick!” Annie said eager to explore the environment around her.

Gloria was hesitant but she wanted to do this,

“Yeah, let’s do this guys!” she said.

“Okay good. Remember guys if anything goes wrong we come back here to the car,” Nick added.

“You have your pistol right?” Corbin asked.

Nick pulled the pistol out of it’s holster that he had wrapped around his waist, a M9, with a full clip.

“Yeah! It’s ready to go. Okay guys, let’s hit it,” Nick said enthusiastically.

They left the car, immediately both Corbin and Nick turned their flashlights on. They all stepped in front of the Bunnyman Bridge, inside it was nothing but an endless tunnel of the night’s darkness. Slowly step by step, they entered as a group. They all began to walk faster, their hearts racing, the leaves of the trees were brushing the outside of the bridge. They all looked around, not paying attention to the exit but their surroundings, what lays ahead on the exit? The Bunnyman? They stopped, their out?

“Wait, that’s it?” Nick said disappointed.

“No! That can’t be…”

Gloria screamed in terror, Nick and Corbin turned around and laid their eyes upon a disturbing sight, Annie, was hanging by her neck on the entrance of the bridge. Gloria began to cry for the loss of her friend,

“No… That’s… That’s not possible! She went in with us… right?” Corbin said, he was struck with absolute fear at the sight of Annie.

Annie’s dead body began to swing from side to side from the wind that began to blow harder. Nick stayed in silence, the sound of Gloria’s crying, the panicking coming from Corbin, it’s all happening so fast. Is this what The Bunnyman is capable of?

“I’m going to get her down!” Corbin said running to Annie’s lifeless body.

“Corbin no! Don’t cross the bridge!” Nick yelled.

It was too late, Corbin had run so fast that he already made it to the other side of the bridge. He grabbed Annies dangling legs, trying to get her down. Suddenly, something stopped him, loud but quick footsteps were running through the forest around Corbin, it sounded like… like a rabbit!

“Nick! Gloria!” Corbin called out.

He froze, Nick, was now hanging from the bridge, dead. But there was no sign of Gloria. Corbin fell to his knees, he looked at both Annie and Nick, Corbin wished he had never come. Then he realized,


Corbin quickly got up to his feet and sprinted towards Nick, wanting to get the pistol. He reached the exit, But he stopped, those loud but quick footsteps could be heard on top of the bridge, Gloria screamed out,


Corbin looked for Nick’s pistol,

“Hold on Gloria!” he screamed.


Corbin looked up, Gloria’s body was thrown off the bridge, she was hung. Right in front of Corbin’s eyes, it killed her instantly, she was right next to Nick’s lifeless body. Corbin fell to his butt, he brought his knees to his chest and began to cry out of fear. There was no sign of The Bunnyman, nothing but his handiwork. The wind calmed down, the trees no longer danced, and the crickets began to chirp. Then, there were footsteps, the sound of fluffy slippers stepping on old wood, they grew closer-closer, and closer, and then it stopped. Corbin looked up, a man with a full bunny suit on, it was brown, and the white belly patch was stained with old and fresh blood. The man carried an axe, the head was lying on the cold concrete road.

“You’re…you’re…The…Bunny,” Corbin couldn’t finish his sentence.

The man tilted his head, and his tall bunny like ears followed. The man raised his axe above his head, then, swung down hard as if he was chopping wood. In an instant, Corbin’s head was split in half,

“Yes, I am… The Bunnyman!”


This was a fan fiction to a urban legend known as “The Bunnyman,”. All the information I got for this short story was by this website,

Click on it if you want to know more about The Bunnyman, or you can check out other haunting, freaky, and exciting urban legends.


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