Movie Review: Into the Woods


Staff Writer

kaley into the woods“Into the woods! The woods, the woods!” A catchy tune that ceases to escape my mind, this compelling and well done musical has marked it’s way into my list of movie reviews. Everyone loves a good ol’ fashioned fairy tale once in a while, but what this movie succeeded in creating was an entire mixture of all of the childrens’ books you had read when you were young. Portrayals of “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Rapunzel”, and the always famous “Cinderella” combine to embrace a wonderously mythical and picturesque film that intertwines the lives of very many colorful characters.

The characters, obviously my favorite quality about the flick, convey an irresistible and feverishly exotic look at fantasy. Award winners like Chris Pine, Emily Blunt, Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, and of course, Meryl Streep are propelled into the musical by singing outlandish and out of the ordinary renditions of classic folk tales.

My favorite part about this film (most incredibly unpredictable) is the determination to pull the original text that the Brothers Grimm themselves had written. It’s safe to say these ancient stories had a much more gauntly and horrific sequence, but magic all the same. For example, in the initial Cinderella legend, the two evil stepsisters cut off a toe or the end of a heal in order to fit into the glass slipper. Disgusting, I know. But something about the repugnance of such a graphic fable made me admire the film so much more for what it truly is: a classic.

A classic that has been around for many years and has even shined it’s light on Broadway’s stage. “Into the Woods” is known around the world to have it’s own archaic charm and lasting impression. I would say this movie is a fun and enchanting break from the everyday reality of mere grey and order. It’s another chance to open one’s eyes to the spellbinding world they had once dreamt of as a child, and yet another opportunity for Meryl Streep to win another righteous award.


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