Miner Baseball 4/8


Staff Writer


Our Miner’s swept the floor with the Lemoore Tigers last Wednesday with the overall score being 11-0. Within minutes of the first inning, Adam Munoz hit his fourth home run of the season bringing Eean Mexicano in with him! The growing supporters of our Miner’s has brought in an overwhelming crowd including: staff, family members, fans, and of course the Green Sea. This entire game the crowd was on the edge of their seats captivated by each play made by the Miners.

Each inning spread the gap between the Miners and the Tigers. Spectators witnessed the talent of our team with scoring plays by Isaiah Mendoza, Zane Thompson, Alec Pierce, multiple RBIs by Nate Cavagnaro, Blake Hernandez, and continuous stolen bases by Adam Chavez and Austin Ayers. Nate Cavagnaro showed off his skills by pitching a shutout game. Our Miners are now 3-1 in WYL and headed for an accomplishing season with their school and families behind them

The Miners play next at home against their rivals Golden West. First pitch is at 4:15. Don’t miss out on the chance to see your peers display their talent this coming Wednesday!

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