Dependent on Phones


Staff Writer

Phones- Jaqueline

If you talk to older people about how they grew up without phones, they could go on for days about what they used to do with their time. If you ask a kid today what their day consists of, the majority of them would say something that involves their phone. I personally use my phone almost all day, every single day. My friends, family, neighbors, and peers are on their phone most of the day. People have become so dependent on their phone that if you take it away for a day they will not know what to do with themselves.

Phones are not a bad thing, they help us out with many things. We can access the internet within seconds, we can find out anything no matter where we may be. Cell phones help us contact anybody at any time. They alert us to wake up, give reminders, and text for us when we do not have hands to do so ourselves. People have gotten so used to this device that they no longer have to think for themselves. Everything they need or have to remember can go straight into their phone.

Many people can sit and play through their phone for more than 3 hours a day, sometimes even longer in their schedule is empty. It is sad how we revolve around our phones, we will not leave the house if our phone is dead or somewhat fully charged. If we have to leave then we bring our chargers. If you went up to someone and asked for a friend’s number, they would pull out their phone and search for the contact. Some people do not know any numbers by heart, why would they need to, they have a phone right?

What really bothers me is when I see a child the age of 6 sitting with a phone in their hand instead of playing. Or when I see a 10 year old texting their friend rather than talking to the one sitting next to them. Not only are teenagers and adults dependent on their phones, children are too.

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