CSF Quiz Bowl


Staff Writer


The CSF (California Scholarship Federation) was established in 1921 with the goal to motivate students to serve their community, strive for academic success, and work for the possibility of receiving a scholarship. Since 1921, the federation has grown incredibly and expanded to approximately 1400 chapters.

Ms. Bitney, the teacher that is in charge of the CSF club, sat down with me to answer a few questions regarding the Annual CSF Quiz Bowl. Regarding the preparation for this competition she stated, “This competition was a random trivia game so the three competitors used the app, Trivia Crack, to prepare for the majority of the random multi topic questions.” The types of questions asked during the competition “were preempted with a lot of useless information before the actual question to distract the competitors.”

The competition includes students “From Fresno to Sacramento, the trophy is perpetual.” which means that the trophy travels from one triumphant school to the next. “The last time a Visalia school won was in 1996.” Winning this quiz bowl is an incredible accomplishment for El Diamante High School, Ms. Bitney, and the students who participated. Every year the school has to choose three outstanding students to take part in the quiz bowl, this year those students were: Luke Apodaca, Logan Iosefa, and Grayson Canterbury. These students are all in the junior class.

The quiz bowl was a part of a regional conference and the students spent the morning speaking with different universities at this conference. The quiz bowl consists of three rounds of semi-finals with 3 schools in each semi-final, so there is a total of nine schools that partake in the quiz bowl. The final round came down to Redwood High School and El Diamante, which is quite an accomplishment for Visalia.

Ms. Bitney states, “I was very proud to have these students represent El Diamante, they showed that we are academic leaders of our region CSF.”


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