Senior Row – “The Parking Problem”


Staff Writer

In elementary school, it is the sixth graders who everyone looks up to. In middle school, the eighth graders dominate the school. But, the moment every student waits for, that school year when you have achieved the highest point of education, is senior year. And, with being a senior, most would expect benefits, one of them being a special parking spot… or a whole row.

In case you do not know what “senior row” is, it is considered to be the best place to park – and technically not a place for anyone other than seniors to park. It is the first row of parking closest to the gym gate. Although it is not specifically designated for seniors, most students who park near the gym gate everyday have heard about it.

As my senior friends constantly tell me, because I am not a senior I do not understand why it is so important. But, to their surprise I actually get it. We wait our whole adolescent lives to be on top. Do not lie to yourself, you know you felt cool when you were a sixth grader and all the first graders were terrified of you. Well that is what being a senior is like.

Reaching senior year is like taking that last step of childhood. You are finally “all grown up” and you just want something that signifies you have made. Something that tells people being a senior is what we all could not wait for.

I am not saying you cannot park there if you are not a senior. I am not telling you to stop parking there if you park there everyday. All I am saying is see it from a senior’s point of view, and you can see how “annoying” it is to have the one perk of being a senior partially taken away by underclassmen.

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