Sadies Ideas


Staff Writer

The annual Sadies Hawkins Dance is almost here and you probably have no idea who you are going to ask, or who you are going to dress up as, or even both. Well, Sadies is March 21st (yeah that soon) and the theme is 80s! Now, whether or not you do or do not like the theme there is really nothing you can do about it but make the best of it! To take some stress of your shoulders, here are a few Sadies ideas that are based on movies and TV shows from the 80s.

  1. The Breakfast Club (1985) – This movie will probably be mostly seen at Sadies just because it is about everyone’s favorite 80s movie. The movie portrays five teens: a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal who all spend their Saturday in detention. This movie is great if your group involves two couples and a fifth wheel. If you do decide to choose this idea you MUST do their signature dance from the movie!
  2. Ghostbusters (1984) – The three Ghostbusters are classic and their outfits will surely be a memorable if chosen. However, you must always respond whenever someone asks, “Who ya gonna call?”
  3. Footloose (1984) – Sadies is in need of some rebellious teens who love to dance! This movie would be great for a large group wanting to crash the dance.
  4. Saved by the Bell (1989) – Although the TV show continued into the 90s it still started in the 80s and totally goes into the Sadies theme. The six Californian friends: Zach, Kelly, Screech, Lisa, Slater, and Jessie all stay together through their good and bad times in high school.

If you are the one dressing as Zach, do not forget to wear the typical Zach Morris sweater.

  1. Pretty in Pink (1986) – Molly Ringwald is best known for her hit movies in the 80s. Compared to her other movie Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink is definitely the better option for Sadies with her signature homemade pink dress. As well as, your date can definitely dress as the character Duckie from the movie with his bolo tie and, of course, dirty white duckman shoes. Duckie is definitely one of my favorite ideas for Sadies.
  2. Heathers (1988) – There are two Sadies ideas based from this film. First, you can dress up as the three snobby Heathers with their blazers and pleated skirts, or you can dress up as Winona Ryder and Christian Slater’s twisted murderous characters.
  3. Dirty Dancing (1987) – Although it is highly enforced to not dance inappropriately at Sadies, you can still dress up as the characters from Dirty Dancing. There are a number of outfits throughout the movie that can easily be replicated.
  4. Say Anything… (1989) – For this movie all you really need is a trench coat and a stereo. However, I highly recommend making a stereo out of cardboard or another material due to the music that will already be playing at Sadies.
  5. Risky Business (1983) – This is probably one of the easiest ideas for Sadies just because the outfit involves no pants! Knowing this, all you really need is a button up, sunglasses, white socks, and even though pants are not in the original outfit please where some shorts/bottoms underneath.
  6. Thriller (1983) – Michael Jackson’s memorable thirteen minute music video is perfect for Sadies! I mean how else can you define the 80s without incorporating the King of Pop? However, do not even bother replicating MJ’s red jacket if you are not planning to replicate his dance as well!

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