Portlandia Review


Staff Writer

Tommy V. Portlandia

Portlandia is a sketch-comedy series that really puts a bird on it and portrays life in the city of Portland, Oregon in a very comedic manner. Created by Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and Jonathan Krisel, this show is hilarious. Every personality is done very well and really adds to the already funny atmosphere that they give the city of Portland, Oregon. The subtlety of the humor in this show is the best part. It is done so well and in such weird ways. This show very hilariously parodies life in Portland, but it also parodies personalities that might even be relatable to people you may know. For example, one of their parodied personalities is actually two feminist bookstore owners who, if you know about feminism, really captures the stereotype in a very funny way. There are also very subtle little noises added into every scene that make it that much more enjoyable. The noises are perfectly placed, and sometimes completely out of place. But always intentionally of course. When I first discovered this show I laughed at almost every skit. I borrowed my friends Netflix, well stole it, just to watch every single episode. I binge-watched every episode right before their newest season. I especially love how in every episode they have little cameos from previous skits that they do. Overall this show is one of my favorites and even though it has a lot of stupid humor, I think a lot of people would really enjoy it.


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