Opinion on Boyhood the movie


Staff Writer


Boyhood is a movie filmed over a twelve year period showing the life of a young boy, but soon to be young man, Mason. All of the actors in this movie are consistent throughout the movie to show the true amount of time that passed throughout the years of filming. Throughout the movie you’ll notice many pop-culture references that would be familiar to people during that time. Most of the references were to things like music or politics, however some of them were just side notes never anything major to take away from the true message of the movie. Since the movie was only released in 2014 and filmed over a twelve year period, the age of the main character would actually be the same age as we would have been around the same time, coming from someone who is currently 18. However, the main character and the choices he makes annoyed me. His personality and overall character was just someone I did not enjoy. It made the movie interesting, however, I could not personally relate to him when it came to things later on in life. The character they portray is a deep, artsy dreamer kind of personality. That would have been fine except for the fact that he just seems so dull all the time. He lets everything in life just happen around him. But I guess that’s just the point of the movie. I liked the concept of the movie, I just believe the way it was executed was done rather poorly. Too many of the same things happen and the movie becomes kind of repetitive. Even though it was supposed to be kind of like a story about a realistic interpretation of life, it was extremely linear and the characters just didn’t have very loveable attitudes. This made it very hard to like the people you watch grow up over a twelve year period. Not to mention the ending was extremely lacking.


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