Furious 7


Staff Writer

Furious 7 - Seth RuizThe Fast and the Furious series is one series I highly recommend taking the time of day to see. From the very first movie to the latest one, it has been a great story with a charmingly cheesy moral. The ultimate moral of the films, family, starts in the fourth movie. I recently gave this series a chance when my friend convinced me to watch every one of them in order. I can honestly say, it was worth my time. I enjoyed every second that these movies gave and they never fail to put me back in my seat with excitement. This is a series that will have you feeling like you are part of the characters’ world. In the first film you fall in love with four characters and stick with them through six of the movies. I say six of the movies because Tokyo Drift takes place in the future of the series; just before the seventh.

Not only does this movie provide great excitement, but it has great actors that play their roles perfectly. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Dwayne Johnson, Sung Kang, and Tyrese Gibson. These are the actors that play the main roles in the films. Each one of them play their role beautifully and overtime you start to actually feel like they are real. You will be sympathizing with them at every corner and always rooting them on. Every single one of the movies shows how a group of actors could become an actual family by years of being together.

Furious seven is the best out of the series by far. It is the latest in the series and contains many dramatic moments. Although it was a great movie; it, and all of its fans had a crushing blow when Paul Walker passed away. Paul Walker had been in the series for the past 15 years with everyone and his death hurt them as a family. With his death halfway through the movie, they had to stop producing for a while and finally decided to finish it for Paul. The original ending was changed and given a new one to honor Paul Walker. Furious seven is a movie you will want to keep watching to see Walker at his happiest moments with his beloved family actors. This movie has great cinematic views and tops it off with a great tear jerking ending for Paul Walker. These movies quickly made it up my favorite movie list and found a place in my heart.


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