Educational Dropouts


Staff Writer

Kayla Yasuda.. Educational Dropouts

In The United States our education system pushes the process of public schools and then afterwards attending college. Nowadays a degree is almost mandatory when getting a job or a degree, although back then as long as you finished college, an occupation was practically guaranteed. I think it is safe to say that the process of the generation’s education system has significantly changed.

There is current evidence that someone does not need to finish college in order to become successful. I am not saying college is not useful, but the steps have definitely been prolonged. Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world and also owner of Microsoft, dropped out of Harvard. Yes, Harvard. He dropped out of one of the top colleges and founded a company himself. If that is not a combination of awesome and inspiring I do not know what is. Most college students use their dorm rooms to sleep, study, or do things their parents probably don’t want to know about. Mark Zuckerberg did something else in his, like created one of the most popular social media sites. As soon as Facebook exploded in popularity, Mark Zuckerberg left the Harvard halls and headed straight to California. The famous Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to pursue something that would change his life.

The people that would be your bosses someday may have not received a higher or longer process of education. There is a famous quote by someone I do not recall, but this quote has stuck with me, “I learned more on my own than I did in college”. This strikes a chord because this person claims that a personal experience can teach you more than spending thousands of dollars to obtain a higher degree than needed to get a job that is not guaranteed.


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