Allergy Season


Staff Writer

allergy season kaley

It’s time to stop and smell the roses, that is, if you can actually smell anything. Guys… allergies have hit us hard this year. The annual fight to survive past this harrowing and miserable time has peaked in new heights, at least in my watery eyes. Usually we hear the common sneeze in the corner of the classroom followed by a few mumbled “Bless you”s, but this year is different. My symptoms used to be mild. Mild to the level that I would hardly even realize I was being attacked by this atrocity. But I and many others in my midst, have come to realize that this is one of the worst allergy seasons yet.

It’s not just the repetitive sneezing that has me bewildered in misery, but the constant itchy throat, watery eyes, and full facial congestion that would leave Superman himself to call in a sick day. Plain and simple, this time is wretched.

We are tired of feeling so crappy, especially after an equally tragic flu season. Don’t we deserve a break from this agonizing valley air? Have we not suffered enough?

Sure, we can attempt to soothe these problems with some Claritin or Zyrtec but the fact still stands: allergies are here to stay. Those happy and energetic actors relishing in the idea that they are “Claritin Clear!” are all but a diminutive fantasy in the lives of the kids on campus.

Now what is the most common and truly upsetting way to diminish such allergies? The easiest way would be to just stay indoors. Don’t even bother breathing in outdoor allergens when sustainable and, might I say, not as satisfying life could be found sanctioned off in the comforts of one’s own home.

I regret to inform you readers that the few, if only, remedies I was able to find were inevitably constructed by the hippies and herbal enthusiasts of the world. Most of which consisted of honey, tea, herbs, and my favorite: showers. My advice: suck it up and just smell the dang roses.


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