3/24 Swim


Staff Writer

3-24 swim ZoeOn Tuesday, the 24th of March. the Miners had a swim meet against Redwood High School. They had a very intense meet, but in the end, Redwood won. El D swimmer, Heidi Millette states “I felt pretty confident in my swim today, even though I was not first I will work harder to get to be first.” Madison Herron swam the fifty free where she got first place at a time of 33 seconds. She said “ I am really proud of what I did today.” Elishea Gutierrez swam the 100 butterfly. She explained to The Dig  that she felt pretty good in the beginning of her event, but Redwood’s swimmers caught up fast. “On the third lap I started getting tired and my form had gotten sloppy so I kind of fell behind a little bit, but I am going to keep working on it.” Throughout the night Redwood’s lead had increased and they were going against some of our toughest swimmers ,such as Callen Bruening and Emily Helpio. The Miners next swim meet is April 9th versus the Hanford West Bullpups. Go out there and support your swim team!


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