Why We Need Vending Machines


Staff Writers

It is first period and I did not have time to eat or grab any breakfast because
I did not want to be tardy. Breakfast, being the most “important” meal of the day, was skipped because not being tardy was more important than having that “important” meal.

The situation would not have been a big deal if they had vending machines that supplied food. That got me thinking… why do we not have any vending machines? Think about it, vending machines would benefit student’s health and benefit schools’ income.

Vending machines would have such a great effect on students not only with their health, but overall lifestyle. For example, if I had a dollar for every time one of my fellow classmates or myself was cranky because we have not eaten, I would be a millionaire. Therefore, if you are tired of dealing with stubborn teens, lack of food is most likely the cause. Vending machines will get students to concentrate more in class because they will not be worrying about their growling stomach! However, people may say vending machines would actually hurt student’s health because they would be filled with pure junk food. On the contrary, vending machines can be supplied with healthy alternatives. As well as, if there was both junk food and healthy food, it would be the student’s decisions whether or not to care about their health. In addition, vending machines would help children not only make decisions about their health but their handling with money as well.

Speaking of money, vending machines would make huge bucks for school funding! Utah experimented with vending machines at public schools and their results showed schools earned an estimation of $3.25 to $3.75 million in 2005. That is a crazy amount of money! Looking at all the statistics on money raised from vending machines made me question why do we not have vending machines already?

Hopefully, when reading this article, more people will realize all the benefits schools can gain from vending machines. On the other hand, maybe you could not finish reading this article due to your stomach crying out for food you missed out on this morning.


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