Secrets of Disneyland!


Staff Writer


The happiest place oShelby Jehle.. Disney Secretsn earth”. Mickey Mouse resides here. And there is a gigantic castle. Have you figured out what I am talking about yet? Disneyland duh!!! This place where “dreams come true” may not be as simple as you once thought. Disneyland has some secrets they have not shared with you yet! I am here to share these top 10 hidden gems within the park because I believe you deserve to know the truth… and this way you are all prepared for the next time you enter this magical park. So here we go down the list, all things unknown.

  1. The Haunted Mansion… Is actually haunted… yeah I know right. As odd and twisted or maybe even sweet as it may seem, there have been instances where people have spread ashes through the ride. It has even happened with a mother in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. These people were obviously caught and forced to exit the park, but they did get some of those ashes up in the ride forever and ever.
  1. “ANDY”S COMING”- At one point in time it was a normal occurrence that as you walked through the park and possibly pass a Toy Story character, you had the right to yell “Andy’s Coming” and the character had to immediately stop what they were doing and drop to the ground like a toy in the movie. That is no longer a thing due to possible injury and destruction of park property.
  1. Hidden Mickeys- All over the park you can find a number of hidden Mickey heads that are either on a ride or around the park embedded in brick or cobblestone. To find these you must be on high alert at all times.
  1. The Haunted Mansion Ring- As you walk up the pathway to the ride, if you look to your right you will see a black stagecoach and down on the ground next to it, there is an engagement ring embedded in the ground that is said to have once belonged to the girl you see hung at the top of the elevator when the lightning flashes.
  1. Walt Disney’s place- As you walk in the park and look to your left, there is a fire station. That in itself might be news to some people, but above the fire station is a small apartment where Walt Disney once resided when he stayed at the park. To this day when you look at the apartment at night, a light is always left on in one of the windows to represent him.


  1. Club 33 Speakeasy- In the park there is a secret club for members that have a hefty budget. If you want to join this club that holds the only alcohol in the park and is considered high class fancy, then corporate members must pay an initiation fee of $40,000, and individual members pay $27,000 in addition to annual dues, which are about $11,000 which could change annually. That gaping mouth you have on right now is accurate. The wait list for this and the fancy restaurant is years and years. This membership gets you into any park whenever you like and you get in before anyone else.
  1. Mark Twain- If you go ride the Mark Twain steamboat, there is a fun opportunity to not just sign the guest book, but you also could get the chance to steer the ship. If you go to a staff member and say you would like to see the “wheelhouse” then you just might if you are lucky enough get to go meet the captain and learn to steer the ship.
  1. Cat Attack!!!- At night when all the people are all gone and the park is silent, there are stray kitties hard at work. There are around 200 stray cats that roam the park and get rid of any mice that might upset park goers in the daylight. Not only do they employ characters but they also find a place to house cats therefore rescuing them… I think that is pretty great of them!
  1. Mind Control- As you walk through the park you may notice that it smells of sweetness and joy. These scents you smell are not just the wonderful back shops on main streets. There are smelly good puffers around that make it constantly smell delicious and entice your senses and make you want to buy foods of all sorts. They also have another mind control technique. They have painted a lot of parts of the park green. You may not notice this but that is the point by painting parts green, your eye immediately goes to all the colorful fun brightness and you will not recognise gates and walls that are unsightly. It is like camouflage, you will not notice what they do not want you to.
  1. Sleeping Beauty Drawbridge- Unfortunately, you will probably never get to see it but the Sleeping Beauty Bridge actually works. It is an operating bridge that closes and opens but has only been raised twice: once on Opening Day, and again for a rededication in 1983. Unless you are the President or someone of importance, or it is a special day, it is very unlikely that the drawbridge will be raised again anytime soon.

Well that is all I have for now. There are many more secrets that Disney holds, be it the no selling gum rule or how they accommodate their guests, but for now this is all I can share. You may even know some of these secrets already. So the next time you enter the park make sure you look for and remember all these hidden signs and gems that I have told you.

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