94% Full of Absurdity


Staff Writer


Dear Attendance Office,

I am not fully aware of who is in charge of the attendance conduct for seniors, but I am almost positive it is the women behind the attendance desk. Or at least they are the enforcers. But anyway this senior has a mouthful of words based on the incompetence of the jobs taken to reinforce this school’s atmosphere for the better.

Now it starts off with the Student/Parent Handbook. I know that you stand by firmly of the rule, “Parents and/or students MUST provide the Attendance Office with a note from a doctor to excuse absences within 3 school days after the return of the student to school. Otherwise, absences will NOT be excused for senior attendance 94% percent purposes.” I am understanding of this rule only for the fact that it has been there since the beginning of the year and even before that.  What I do not get is why you are implementing new standards when us, seniors, have three months left until graduation. The quote above simply states that absences will be unexcused after 3 days if a parent does not call. What you told a group of students in person was that you have been getting “lazy” these past few months and decided to “crack down” on conduct. When I then asked, “You have just started to take these sort of actions now?” A lady then replied, “We have always followed this policy, we are just now starting to get serious.” Just now getting serious?

Many people as a way to counterattack what you just said reply with the fact that they have been absent before and have not received Saturday School. But it is also the fact that the attendance office decided to reinforce their policy when we have 3 months left.

The other reason why I think this policy is ludacris. This set of rules only applies to seniors. This is a class that will be graduating in a few months, and a vast majority of us will be going off to college. You do realize that college is when students take care of themselves and when they miss a class it is entirely on them. It is like we are being coddled like children. I do understand that some seniors do get lazy and start slipping, but implementing rules that do not make sense, you will expect a few responses.


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