Planning a School Mates Murder


Staff Writer

Aleena Beig


Five teenagers from Tucson, Arizona would get together before school and at lunch to talk about a group project: the murder of a classmate. There the plot fell apart when another teenager informed the police. The five Tucson teens were charged with planning a school mate’s murder.

The five students at Flowing Wells High were charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree, said police. One of the students was 18, but the others are juveniles. Two 17-year-old girls and two 15-year-old boys, but they will be prosecuted as adults.

School administrators called police Wednesday, March 18th when a student came forward to describe the plan and say that someone had brought a knife to campus. Administrators found the student with the weapon before police arrived. Detectives determined that not only was there a plan, but the five students accused would meet in the mornings and at lunch to discuss the details of the plan.

Each meeting got further involved in the planning process, and the last meeting was when they decided to bring the weapon. They had even decided where the murder would take place, somewhere off campus. These meetings went on for about a week.

The five students knew the target. They were targeting someone who hung out in the same group as them. Someone they were having problems with and decided to kill.

Charged and booked into the Pima County Jail were Christopher Gibson, 18; Anastasia Lakin and Jessica Good, both 17; and Gabriel Quiroga, and Andrew Totten, both 15. All are in custody. “We were able to stop it before it happened, but  it was to the point where we thought it would happen,” says Dugan an Investigating police working on the case.

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