Staff Writer

People - Tommy V.

“People are great and full of joy and hope and promise, but they can turn you into a shell of what you used to stand for, into a burnt pile of nothing. But on the plus side, dogs are a thing and you should buy one. They will never let you down,” said Kyle A. Gibson. I agree with this statement; however I try not to put my hope into people very often. I try to do things myself when I can unless I really need their help. I think people are interesting. Not only because they have different personalities, but because they have their own life that they live. Each person has their own story, good or bad, that they battle every day.


It’s sad how there are so many good people who struggle so much through things when there are people that have no problems and have so much, yet they continue to make others around them suffer. They have everything going for them and they still find a way to show their true colors to the people that they negatively affect and sometimes those people are the only ones that see it. I personally believe that people are not naturally good. And I don’t mean that they won’t help you, but people naturally have poor ways of living their lives and coexisting with people around them. Not necessarily in terms of the physical aspect of life, but the moral aspect of it. Sometimes the best thing to do to people who may bring you down is to remove them from your life. You should be around people that bring you up, not push you down or hold at the same spot you’ve been.



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