New Girl


Staff Writer

Madison New Girl (2)

I was originally born in the county of Tulare, resided here until I was five years old, then I moved to San Diego county and lived there until I was thirteen. That is when I had to move across the country and establish a new life in a foreign region, the south. This came as a difficult task, but after my 8th grade year I had established myself and became familiar with this foreign place. I then continued to high school, at West Forsyth High School where I met my best friends and matured and grew with them.

Then, halfway through my senior year an accident occurred, February 4th was the day that changed the course of my senior year. To better my future, my mother made the decision to send me across the country to live with my siste,r Rebekah, 31. I had to pack four years into three suitcases and get on a plane to my new life.

I now reside in Visalia, where I spent the first five years of my life. I am to finish my senior year at El Diamante High School. I look around the school and I struggle to search for a familiar face. Luckily, it hasn’t been that difficult to find friendly, kind, and welcoming new friends. Although, the majority of people were thrown off by a new girl this late in the year, especially during her senior year. The adjustment has been anything but easy, but with every new venture I try to find the beauty and optimism in it.

El D is a student focused school with many more activities for students to partake in and the atmosphere has a much more positive vibe than my old high school. It’s still a hard adjustment every day because I went from knowing every face and every teacher and every hall to knowing nothing but the schedule I was handed. However, I still see the beauty in the opportunity and I still intend to make the most of my senior year, here at El Diamante High School.

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