Launch of Apple Watch announced


Staff Writer


On Monday, March 9, technology giant Apple announced the launch date of its newest product, the Apple Watch, as April 24, 2015. This new device will be available in select countries, such as the US, UK, and China, on this date; it will also be available for pre-order beginning April 10.


There are multiple models of the Apple Watch, varying in band size, body, and general appearance. The standard edition of the Apple Watch starts at $549; price increases depending on the size and style of the band used for the watch, reaching up to $1,099. The Apple Watch Edition, however, starts at $10,000. This model features an 18-karat gold body for consumers interested in a more-luxurious device. The Apple Watch Sport is available for a starting price of $349, and price increases to $399 for a device with a larger watch-face.


The Apple Watch has a battery life of approximately eighteen hours and includes a magnetic connector for charging. A special Apple Watch app was launched with iOS 8.2; with this app, iPhone users can download apps to be put on their Apple Watch. Programs such as Instagram, Shazam, Apple Pay, Siri, a new Workout app, and more are available on the Apple Watch.


Along with the announcement of the launch of the Apple Watch, the company also shared news of updated MacBooks. Retina display, faster processors, updated battery life, and a new Force Touch trackpad will be added to the current lineup of MacBooks.


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